So many hunks.  So little time.  We've searched long & hard for the hunkiest, funkiest, a cappella hotties out there. You're welcome.

Ben palacios


Ben is the founder and Creative Director of Hunkappella. A Vassar College alum, Ben has studied and performed in Switzerland, Czech Republic, Wales, Sri Lanka, France, and all over AMURICA! He enjoys hiking, vegan apple pie, and long walks on the beach. Ben toured nationally with Spank! Harder (50 Shades musical parody) where he starred as America’s favorite BDSM billionaire. Favorite credits include Hans in Disneyland's Frozen musical and boytoy Spike in Vanya & Sonya & Masha & Spike. Oh, and he's also Enrique Iglesias' hand double, but that's a whole ‘nuther story... 


Watch Ben in the hit web-series Wish It Inc. and follow him on Twitter @benpalacios and Instagram @palaciosben for daily madness.



Mike is like New Years Eve meets July 4th meets Disneyland on Redbull & FourLoko!  A one-man-parade of non-stop energetic FUN, He's the comic relief as well as the catalyst for conflict.  Basically, he's the ludicrous lovechild of Dennis The Menace and Andrew W.K.  


Mike is also a personal trainer, adventurer, motorcyclist, unicyclist, and avid nakedness enthusiast.


Follow Mike on Twitter, Instagram, and Periscope: @MikeViruet.



This studmuffin eats, sleeps, and breathes vocal percussion. He's a founding member of The Beatbox House -- an NYC gang of international beatbox champions. He also teaches private lessons and workshops at Harvard University, Raymond York Elementary School, and many more.


Kenny is the 2015 Vice American Beatbox Champion, 2014 2V2 Champion & 2X Unity Beatbox Champion. He is also well-regarded for his playful pec dance, which often has the result of distracting and confusing his opponents. Kenny's arms are so big he could hoist a small pickup truck full of babies, and then return them safely to the ground.


Instagram: @KennyUrbanBeatbox



John is straight-up adorbs. He's like Niall from One Direction meets Jonathan Taylor Thomas circa 1999.  Romantics love his swoonworthy high-tenor notes, in fact, teachers used to faint when he sang the ABCs.  He's not even allowed in most European countries because he once sang Happy Birthday to a Russian lady and she was so happy that she dropped dead right there in the elevator.


His cheeks are positively pinchable, and your mother can't stop talking about his amazing tushie.


Instagram: @johnny.patrick


Jordan is a genius. Not the evil kind, but the hunky kind. He thinks quickly on his feet and delivers smart one-liners that dazzle sophisticated listeners and perplex the unsophisticated ones.  Those poor saps.


Jordan's intricate vocal acrobatics make listeners wiggle with excitement.  Even if they try to stop wiggling...


They still wiggle.


Jordan is also an ex-marine.  He was captain of his platoon and once saved the Princess of Monaco from a tiger.


Instagram: @jordanmkl7



If a cappella music has taken the world by storm, then Gabriel is the cool breeze blowing in from the Far East and the True North. Born in Hong Kong and raised in Shanghai, Gabriel is a proud Canadian and alumnus of USC -- speaking 4 languages and holding degrees in both psychology and theatre. When he’s not serving #BlueSteel to the camera or strutting down the runway, Gabriel likes to read and chill to jazz music, or drive around town blasting country tunes.  
Still wondering where Gabriel is really from? Don’t worry, we’re in the same boat. Except for Gabriel. He just got off the boat. Fresh. 


Instagram: @MrGabrielMark 

Twitter: @GabrielMark